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Anawim Christian Community is a community church made up of the homeless and the mentally ill. Our main goal is to provide for people's needs (including the need to be a disciple of Jesus) where they are at. We don't feel that a person needs to be something different before they get the help they need. Our center is in Gresham OR, which is where we lead and organize day shelters and a worship service. We also have a community house in N. Portland where housing is being provided for a few people and opportunities for community worship. We are connected to ministries in SE Portland and St. Johns, where we distribute food and clothing. And finally, through the internet, we educate people from almost every country in the world about homelessness, mental illness and the Christian response to each.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It’s Not Over Yet!

2011’s Anawim Fundraiser has come and gone.  It was a good time: great BBQ, wonderful people coming to support Anawim, a raffle with many laughs -Tattoo Tim won the gift certificate for a tattoo!- and a lot of friends hanging out
together.  Thank you to everyone who made the fundraiser so much fun!

However, after the fundraiser we had to get back to reality.  Frankly, we don’t have enough money to keep all of our programs going.  This is no one’s fault - utilities have increased considerably, so we are paying twice as much in utilities as last year.  Because of this, we have had to withdraw from our SE Portland
facility.  We will be taking a three or four week hiatus from the SE ministry, and going to a place where we don’t have extra costs.

If you want to support or find out about Anawim - IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!!  This blog is full of ways that you can help us build Christian homeless
communities and to help the homeless help themselves.  Please look over the many opportunities we have for fun, education, supporting Anawim and spiritual
insight. We have Bible studies, a quiz, stories, stores and more.  Please feel free to peruse all we have to offer on the internet!

Anawim Website

This last month, the Anawim website got its 100,000th hit.  This may not seem like much to some sites, but for a small church website, this is fantastic!  We have had 46,000 visitors, from over a hundred different nations! 
If you haven’t been to our website, it is full of information about Anawim, about homelessness, and about mental illness.  It has a large section describing Jesus’ teaching about the “anawim” who are the poor seeking God for
deliverance.  There is a section on “dehumanization” which describes how our culture treats the homeless with less respect than those in prison and how to reverse this trend.  Finally, there is a worship section, giving prayers that we could use in our daily life. 
On top of all this, we have a snazzy name for our address.  How cool is that?  Check it out:

What Does Anawim Mean?

Check out our latest YouTube Video that answers the age-old question: What does “anawim” mean, anyway?

Prayer Requests

* Please pray for Anawim's ongoing need for financial resources.
* Pray for a new home for our SE worship group.
* Pray for our ability to be self-sustaining.
* Pray for Jeff and Yvan's housing situation.
* Pray for pregnant women on the street.
* Pray for the healing of the homeless: economically, mentally, spiritually
* Pray for the homeless, mentally ill, their workers, their advocates and their opponents to love each other.

Thank You!

A very special thank you to everyone who worked so hard helping us with our Fundraiser!
Gordon and Kathy Angel, Deborah Abney, Janet Smith, Jeff and Yvan Strong, Tim and Samantha Childress,
Mark and Leeanne Tipton, Che CafĂ©, Vernetti’s Coffee, Troutdale Tattoo, Mary Anne Benner, Mercy Kimes,
Linda Erlandsen and Jimmy.

The Radical Jesus Store

Jesus has been doing health care for 2000 years, as well as working for peace. 
Show the radical side of Jesus! Wall hangings also available!