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Anawim Christian Community is a community church made up of the homeless and the mentally ill. Our main goal is to provide for people's needs (including the need to be a disciple of Jesus) where they are at. We don't feel that a person needs to be something different before they get the help they need. Our center is in Gresham OR, which is where we lead and organize day shelters and a worship service. We also have a community house in N. Portland where housing is being provided for a few people and opportunities for community worship. We are connected to ministries in SE Portland and St. Johns, where we distribute food and clothing. And finally, through the internet, we educate people from almost every country in the world about homelessness, mental illness and the Christian response to each.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

St. Johns

St. Johns is a section of Portland between the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. It has been known in the past to be one of the poorest sections of Portland. While that isn't true anymore, it is an old neighborhood, with a solid community.

And, as most sections of Portland, it has a vibrant homeless community.

There is a smaller ratio of the homeless in St. Johns than elsewhere in Portland. Perhaps 30 to 40 people live on the streets there. At the same time there are almost no services for the homeless there. There is a church who comes once a week to bring sandwiches. But that's all.

Even as we began to help the homeless in East County when there was no one recognizing their existence, Anawim would like to reach out to the homeless in St. Johns. One couple in particular, Tim and Sam Childress has been called by God to serve the homeless there, in their neighborhood. They would like to go out one day a week, give sandwiches and water and socks to the homeless, to meet them, build relationships and to discover their unique needs. We don't know what will come of this, all we know is God's call. The possibilities of obedience to God's call are endless.
But to do this, we would appreciate some support. We have a couple sources for bread. But we would appreciate some corn chips, lunch meat, cheese, mustard/mayonaise packets. Also, if you are interested in helping us get some bottled water, we'd really appreciate it.

If you'd like to support this effort, please contact Sam Childress at: or Steve Kimes at:

Day Shelter Schedule

Anawim Christian Community:
(Reopening Mondays
starting May 7th 2012)
19626 NE. Glisan, Gresham
Mon 1-6pm

St. Henry’s Catholic Church:
346 NW 1st Ave,
Tues, 1-6:30pm

Anawim Christian Community:
19626 NE. Glisan, Gresham
Wed 1-8pm, Fri 2-5pm, Sat 11-3pm.

East Hill Foursquare Church:
701 Main, Gresham
Thurs 1-6pm